What Should You Know When Living With Herpes?

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If you have been diagnosed that you are suffering from herpes, you may feel anxiety and want to know how you are infected it, is it treatable, or some other things you wan to know. You must accept it and handle this unwanted change in your life. Don't worry about it, you can still lead live a happy life with your partner or searching for love. Here are some things you need know when you are living with herpes.

Know the transmission of herpes

It is important for you to know this firstly. Herpes (both HSV-1 and HSV-2) is spread by skin-to-skin contact — which happens often through sexual contact or sexual intimacy. So, if you have partner or mate, you need tell your partner you have herpes to avoid infection. Herpes can also be transmitted by touching or kissing, like from a parent to a child. Although rare, genital herpes can also be spread from a pregnant woman to her baby during vaginal birth. So, if you are living with herpes, protect your family and friends from herpes.

You can still find love with herpes singles

If you are a herpes single, do not think that you have no right to find love. Every one has right to find love even these people with herpes. If you find it is not easy to find a person with herpes, you can choose a safe and high quality herpes dating site like MeetPeopleWithHerpes.org. It is free to join for all people with herpes. Therefore, keep positive about your life and you are never alone.

Know the symptoms of herpes

When a person has oral herpes, "cold sores" or "fever blisters" can show up on the lips or around the mouth. These sores may also show up inside the mouth, but this usually only happens the first time oral herpes symptoms appear. But when a person with genital herpes, there so not any symptoms. Genital herpes symptoms include blisters, sharp pain or burning feelings if urine flows over sores, an inability to urinate if severe swelling of sores blocks the urethra, itching, open sores, and pain in the infected area. When you know the symptoms of it, you will be cautious and treat it in time.

Is herpes curable?

You may most concerned this question. Herpes can be treated but not cured. If you have herpes, you can take certain medications to help manage the infection. Using herpes treatments is usually very effective in speeding up the healing of sores and preventing them from returning frequently.

If you know these tips when living with herpes, you can know how to handle your disease. If you are still single and want to find love, you can try one safe herpes dating site, please keep in mind that safety is your first thing to consider. If you wan to know more about herpes and herpes dating, read more posts on this herpes dating site freely.

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