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Stoodin is a totally free herpes dating site. As it is a free site, there are thousands of people who are living with herpes looking for herpes singles. There are a lot of people with herpes who have meet their perfect match. On Stoodin, you can meet and talk with a lot of herpes singles with the same problems freely.

What's more, it is available for thousands of herpes singles to join some communities to share their problems and solve them. It is a free place for all people who are living with herpes to talk, date even build long-term relationship. You can access this dating site from anywhere in the world regardless of your location. Stoodin prides itself on protecting everyone’s privacy.

Other than Positive Singles, Stoodin is only for these people who are living with herpes. So, if you are one of people with herpes, you have a try on this free herpes dating site to find your potensial partner with herpes.

Why Choose Stoodin

Stoodin is free to all people with herpes. All features and services are free to use. Herpes singles can find their partners without charge. What's more, it is a special herpes dating site. So, on Stoodin, all users are herpes singles, they needn't hide their disease, they can talk their problems and share their life to other herpes singles. They can join some communities and forums. Stoodin is a welcoming, warm-hearted community for Herpes Singles to chat with other Herpes friends. If you are one of these people with herpes and want to find a single freely, you can have a try on this site.

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Features of Stoodin

As the Stoodin is a free herpes dating site, All people with herpes can freely access all features and services. So, there is no requirement for users to provide credit card to pay somthing. It also provides some features which can help users find their potential matches easily. You can check the details of features for all users on this free herpes dating site:

  • Add someone as friends
  • Available on mobile application
  • Read some herpes events
  • Block these people you dislike
  • Matchmaking preference
  • Join some interesting herpes forums and communities
  • Comment other users’ blogs or write your own blogs
  • Ask some question or answer questions

Compared with Postive Singles and MPWH, Stoodin offers few features and services, and it is also not a very safe herpes dating site. But it still one choice for herpes singles.


As it is a 100% free herpes dating site, Stoodin can not compare with Positive Singles and MPWH. So, if you want to choose a high security herpes dating site, you'd better choose a paid site to meet real people with herpes. Because For herpes singles, Privacy is very important, In, some spams may pretend to be herpes singles and promote other things that herpes singles are not interested. is just a site for people with herpes to chat or meet, but not the site for users who are looking for long-term relationship. If you do not mind privacy, you can try this site.


Stoodin is a special dating site for these people with herpes. It is also a totally free herpes dating site. As it is a free site, there are a lot if herpes singles looking for partner with herpes. The designs of this site is simple, people can join this site easily. However, Stoodin is not very secure site. If you are looking for a safe herpes site, you'd better do not choose this site. If you want to find a herpes site with high privacy, you can check the Meet People With Herpes.

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